Budget-Conscious? Read Here To Find Out About The Latest, And Greatest Energy-Saving Ideas For The Home, That Will Help Lower The Bills

imagesOne way to save on the bills each month is to unplug your devices when you aren’t using them. This may come as a surprise, but even when you aren’t using your TV, computer, microwave, or lamps, they’re still draining power. You can also buy a Smart Strip, which will cut power off automatically for you when devices don’t need to be used. unknown

Use fans instead of turning on the old AC unit. Overhead fans circulate the air, which means you might not have to turn it on at all. Especially if you can open windows. Sometimes, it isn’t possible to avoid using the AC, but there are many days and weeks out of the year where it isn’t all that necessary.

If you aren’t hanging out in the guest room at night, which you probably aren’t, shut the door to that room. When you keep doors open, you’re basically venting the whole house. Instead of wasting energy to cool the rooms you aren’t currently using, shut doors and vents in those areas of the house. images-2

Add insulation. Homes are notorious for leaking cold air during the summer and warm air in the winter, because there are spaces in between walls. Fill any gaps with insulation. An easy way to do this is to use spray foam.

This next one is obvious, but many fail to do so. Remember to turn off lights when you aren’t using a particular room. In the day time, try using only natural light instead of lamps or overhead lighting.

Get your AC unit inspected. They need love too. You have to make sure every so often that your system isn’t leaking, and is operating as efficiently as it can and should. Don’t forget to change air filters every month, either. This makes a big difference. unknown

If you aren’t home during the day, turn off your air conditioning. Close the blinds in your house too, when you aren’t home. A lot of energy is burned when the sun heats up the house which happens with open windows. Consider foregoing the dryer. Letting clothes air dry can make a huge different in your bill, as dryers are often the biggest energy drainers in homes, right after refrigerators. unknown-1

If your house is in the shade, it is naturally going to take less energy to cool down. If you don’t have any trees around your home, consider planning some as they help reduce your bills in the long-run.

When you use your oven to heat dinner, it makes your AC work harder. In the summertime, try making salads and foods of that nature and use a toaster oven when you cook something small.


  1. I think that at a certain point, people go to extremes when it comes to trying to save on the utility bills. I understand that they want to save money. But sometimes, opportunity cost wise, it makes sense to just leave the AC on, use the dishwasher, and the dryer. I mean..after a long day of work, there’s no way I want to come home to an incredibly hot house, wash all of my dishes by hand, and hang my close on a line outside.

  2. Will…I think the point of the article was to just give people a suggestion. Some people don’t do those things ONLY to save money on the bills, but they just are energy-conscious. LEED products and services are becoming very important to people these days. Some people are willing to pay MORE for a product if it is environmentally-friendly, for example.

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